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A nation divided against itself

JR Dieckmann    Sept. 6, 2015

“A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” The words of Abraham Lincoln have more significance today than they did in 1861. Back then there were just two factions opposed to each other, the northern states verses the 13 territories of the Confederacy. Today we have a multitude of isolated ethnic communities living within our states which have no interest in assimilating to American culture but prefer to retain their own foreign customs and culture. Whether by intention or by circumstance, the result is the same, a nation divided against itself.

This is the goal of Barack Hussein 0bama and his progressive and anti-American regime, but it was started long before 0 came to power by arrogant, ignorant and overly tolerant sissy politicians – many of whom still remain in in powerful congressional positions today in both parties. How does this end? It ends with America losing its national identity, language, and white European ancestry to be replaced by a gaggle of various breeds of ethnic groups of different color and languages with nothing in common with each other and all pitted against each other. We are headed for utter chaos if we’re not already there.

Liberals have this globalist notion that America should be a mix of all the world’s people rather than the offspring of the kind of people who founded and built this country. They relish in the words taken from a French poet and posted at the foot of the Statue of Liberty: Give us your sick, your poor, your ignorant, your criminals, your social rejects, your welfare dependents, your blacks, your Hispanics, your Muslims, and all those who the rest of the world rejects. Yeah, we’ll unite them all into one melting pot with common patriotism and goals for our great nation.

BULLSHIT! What we end up with is a salad bowl, a barnyard of different breeds of animals who all want to eat each other and fight for influence and control of the farm. There is no unity, only friction and antagonistic diversity that is destroying what was once a great and united nation.

Liberals like to say “Diversity made this nation great.” No, it didn’t. It was the Anglo-Europeans who came here and built a new nation with constitutionally guaranteed rights, freedom, and liberties. With their hands free of oppressive government, they were free to create and build this country into a shining city on the hill where everyone had an opportunity to achieve their dreams and rise to their highest potential. The result was the fastest growing, most industrious and creative country in the world. That is what made America great. Diversity is only destroying what has taken hard working Americans more than two and a half centuries to build and 228 years to make it official.

We no longer need immigrants, the nation is now well populated if not overpopulated. But if people from other countries want to be accepted in America, they need to come here to assimilate into American culture and language with skills we can use, be responsible for themselves, and not be a burden on our society. They need to adopt American values and disciplines and become productive Americans. They need to leave their old country ways in the past. 

Unfortunately, those are not the kind of people we’ve been importing since Ted Kennedy’s rewrite of our immigration policy in 1965 with the same goal that 0bama has today -- to change the face and demographics of America. By doing that, they shift the voting public to the left to elect left wing socialists to government office with meaningless rhetoric aimed at minority groups. Spineless congressional Republicans have ignored and allowed this abomination for decades and in doing so have betrayed their electorate, the Founders, the Constitution, and the entire country. With unconstitutional handouts of the taxpayers’ money, they have turned a nation of productivity and personal responsibility into a welfare sanctuary for foreigners.

Isn’t it time our Republican politicians started representing the best interests of our country and let other countries deal with their own problems? America is not a dump site for the rest of the world’s refuse -- at least it wasn’t prior to the last couple of administrations -- yet more and more we see Republican politicians pandering like Democrats to minority ethnic groups instead of mainstream Americans. Who is representing and speaking out for us traditional Americans? Only Donald Trump so far and that is why he is resonating so powerfully with real Americans.

It now seems that everything this 0bama government does is the antithesis of what is good for America, but what may be good for the “global community.” What is that? There is no such thing as a “global community,” at least not on this planet. But it’s what the globalists wish to create by force if necessary should the people disagree. And we, the people, do strongly disagree.

The United States of America is an exceptional country because of our Founders and we want to keep it that way. If other countries want to adopt our ways they are welcome to do that, but we have no desire to fit into a one-size-fits-all global community, we here in America are capitalists not socialists.

This planet is made up of diverse countries with vastly different cultures, traditions, history, and people. There is no such thing as a “global community,” in spite of what the UN and globalists want you to believe. Each country has its own way of living and thinking with little interest in conforming UN community mandates. Likewise, Americans have no interest in dispersing our wealth and productivity to third world countries to make them more equal. Need I remind you that equality among nations is the UN’s “Agenda 21” plan for world domination.

We can thank our backstabbing politicians and treasonous politicians who have ignored the Constitution and refused to inforce the immigration laws that were established to protect America and American culture from the foreign invasion that we now have.

Did Ellis Island sink?  Instead of importing foreign nationals who want to become Americans to make a better life for themselves and contribute their skills and abilities to our society, we now import hordes of dissimilar groups of people who want nothing more than to destroy our society and replace it with their own alien and perverted subcultures.

Maybe this New World Order globalization attempt isn’t going to work after all.


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American Democracy

JR Dieckmann

Hellary Clinton said in San Francisco this week that “One of our most deeply held American values is equality.” Nonsense! That statement would have our Founders turning over in their graves, but it’s what the Left wants you to believe along with the idea of “social justice.” What exactly do they mean by that?

One of our most deeply held values is not “equality” but rather that all men (and women) are created equal and entitled to equal justice and protection under the law. Social and economic inequality is the direct result of individual freedom, ingenuity, and ambition as you progress through life. That is the value that our Founders believed in and that is the value that this country was founded upon. It is one of our most deeply held American values which I believe is just the opposite of what Hellary was postulating.

If you want equality then go to North Korea, Communist China, or the Soviet Union when Putin finishes rebuilding it. There you will find that all subjects are equal and share equally in poverty and servitude. But that’s not America and “equality” is not the American way. Personal freedom and liberty assures us the opportunity to become unequal in many respects within this society. Our equality lies in the opportunities to become whatever you want to be. Equality at birth, from then it’s up to you. You can remain a dependent baby all of your life, or you can make something of yourself. You can choose to remain equal or you can choose to become unequal.

In 1787 the Founding Fathers completed the construction of our Constitution and establishment of our government. Upon leaving the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman, “Sir, what have you given us?” Franklin replied with “A republic, mam, if you can keep it.” Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and the rest of the radical left have been promoting “democracy” in foreign nations and characterizing the U.S. as a democracy – it is not.

Our nation is a republic with a republican form of government which is very well explained in a great 10 minute video at http://www.wimp.com/thegovernment/ I recommend that you watch it to learn more about the logic behind our Founding Fathers choice in government and the pitfalls of the other 3 forms of government which include a democracy (mob rule).

By 1828 a group of early Americans decided that they couldn’t “keep it” and formed the Democratic party. They were basically low education, non-industrious, dependent people who thought European style socialism would work better for them – just as they do today. Some had come to America seeking freedom and liberty, while still others came thinking it was the land of free milk and honey. They found themselves incapable of taking care of themselves and began demanding government assistance and handouts from the productive taxpayers.

They became the majority of voters for a time and elected Andrew Jackson as their president. Well, their only opposition was the Northern Whigs, made up mostly of successful, industrious, and affluent entrepreneurs and workers who were quite busy building this new country. But as it is today, the successful, industrious, and freedom-loving builders of America were in a minority.

But in 1854, a bunch of the more educated Democrats split away from the Democrat party, partly over slavery which they opposed and the threats to their liberty and to the republic. They joined with the Northern Whigs to form the Republican Party – a party based on, and in support of, the form of government that our Founders intended – a Republican form of government. They elected America’s first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

The slaves were freed and founded the first American ghettos. Later on they created hip-hop and rap to reflect their lives in the ghetto. After a short time, young whites began listening to the [c]rap and they too adopted the mentality of the ghetto and registered as Democrats, thinking that America is a democracy because that is what they have heard from the radical left, the media, and probably the government run school system if they finished school at all. Well, if America is a democracy then wouldn’t it be patriotic to join the Democratic party?

When once asked how she viewed herself in the political spectrum during the 08 campaigns, Clinton stated that she considered herself as an early 20th century Progressive. A firm supporter and believer in a movement founded in 1880 on the principal of big government socialism.

This contrasts dramatically with Abraham Lincoln’s view of America:  “The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but cannot do, at all, or cannot, so well do, for themselves -- in their separate, and individual capacities.” Lincoln’s statement referred to such things as national security, a national currency, foreign negotiations and treaties, interstate roads, a post office, etc. The various things that must be done on a national basis and within the limits of the Constitution.

Now, Hellary Clinton wants to be president of a nation founded on values and principals which are diametrically opposed to her lifelong beliefs and values. What credentials and accomplishments does she possess to qualify her for this position? Well, roughly the same as Barack Obama – none, and we can all see what a mess that has created for the nation and the world.

Mrs. Clinton’s only claim to fame is that she is, technically, the wife of Bill Clinton and shares his name. She had a chance to show some leadership ability and competence as Secretary of State but failed to accomplish anything beyond getting Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans killed in Benghazi. That’s not much of a resume but it’s all she has to run on.

Mrs. Clinton would seem to be no different from Barack Obama, who would seem to be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and Neville Chamberlain all rolled into one. He is Adolf Hitler on domestic policy and Neville Chamberlain on national security and foreign policy. That is increasingly becoming the last thing we need at this point in history.

Clinton and Obama thought they could change the world with a Staples “EASY” button relabeled with the word “RESET” and it would be just that easy. Obama told Putin that he would have more flexibility after the election and we all know how that’s working out. Putin has now become the supreme leader of the world as America follows from behind NATO and the UN. But it’s not just Putin who is taking advantage of American weakness under this despicable and un-American regime in Washington.

Islamic terrorism has now become a larger threat than it was just prior to 911 and Obama has invited the Muslim Brotherhood into key positions in his administration. In 1995, Obama stated: “Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will side with the Muslims.”  No question about it, he now has. And it’s not just the Muslims he sides with, it is also the communists and anyone else who is considered an enemy of America. Now Obama tells the Washington Press Corp that he has no plan or strategy for dealing with ISIS and we should not expect one anytime in the near future. Doesn’t that just make you feel confident and secure?

I would like to end this spiel with one last thought. I am sick and tired of hearing the phrase “Radical Islam.” Although I will concede that there are peaceful Muslims – mostly those who were raised here in America. Islam is not a “peaceful religion” as stated by George W. Bush, in fact it’s not a religion at all. Islam IS a radical and violent governing doctrine which uses religion in part to control its people by convincing them that their violence and brutality is serving God’s will. How stupid do you have to be to believe that?

If there is any truth to the myth that Islam is peaceful and has been hijacked by “radical Islamists” then why doesn’t the “peaceful” majority do anything about it? Why do we not see “peaceful” Islamic leaders standing up to the radicals but instead we see Muslim clerics advancing and encouraging violence? And think about this… Does it not bother Islamic leaders that their “peaceful religion” is being dammed and severely damaged by the violent and radical acts of their followers? Does it not bother them that their “religion” is being seen by most of the world as invalid and evil? If they are not complicit in the jihad then why do they remain silent and tolerate it?

Can you imagine the backlash and discipline that would be imposed by religious leaders of any other religion if their members were to do what Muslims are doing, not only to themselves but to the world in whole? This kind of behavior would simply not be tolerated as it is in the Muslim communities. I can only conclude from that, that there is no peaceful Islam and that the entire cult is radical, violent, and a threat to the rest of the world. There is no “radical Islam,” there is only Islam and its armies of militants. They all read from the same book.

We can try to contain al Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia, ISIS, al Qaeda in _____ (name your country), but no sooner do we get a handle on one does another one pop up. We can no longer view this problem with tunnel-vision focused simply on one Islamic group or another. This cycle will repeat and continue repeating until the real problem is recognized and accepted, that the real problem is Islam and Islam must be defeated or destroyed.

If Islam wants to survive then Islamic nations and states need to take responsibility and control of their terrorists and put a stop to this Islamic jihad because our next president is not likely to be so complacent, tolerant, and ineffective as this current one is.

Islamic leaders need to be put on notice that your days are numbered if you allow this murder and rampage to continue or allow it to spill over into the civilized world. If you allow your people to behave like animals, then soon we will treat them as animals. We don’t coddle and appease a rabid dog, we kill it. That is who America is. We stand up for our people and our values, at least we did until this current administration. But that is only a temporary situation. It is not our responsibility to control your uncivilized people, it is yours.

Islam, you have 2 years and 3 months left to try to destroy us. After that, we will destroy you and your destruction will be led by a real America president. Obama does not represent us as you will soon find out. Mohammed told you that Islam will come to an end when Mecca and Medina are destroyed. Is that what it’s going to take to end your insane violence and barbarism?

I see no indication that you have any intentions of taking responsibility for the criminal and barbaric acts of your people, nor any desire to control them. I must assume therefore that you are in full agreement with them, their actions and their goals. Forget about your insane idea of 72 virgins, a lot of good they will do you after you’ve left your body, or do you think you will be taking your dicks with you? You will go to your graves in hell where you belong (where the virgins will be fat and ugly and just other males that you have killed), if not for your despicable treatment of other human beings, then for your utter stupidity in believing the evil garbage taught you by Mohammed – the false prophet and agent of Satan. 

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.




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